Aarya Sanitary Napkin

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Product Description

Within a very short period of time, “Aarya” & ‘You”  two brands of  Sanitary Napkins from Kingdom of Raigam have come to the forefront due to the wide range of product line that we offer, catering to each and every whim and fancy of the customer.

“Aarya” & “You” Scientifically designed especially for Sri Lankan woman, who seeks the feel of fresh & confident every day of month. With the right product on your side, it is not going to stop you from doing anything you want to do.

50% More Absorbency with 6 Layer Protection


  • Soft cotton surface for double absorbency.
  • Wooden pulp increases absorbency.
  • Super absorbent polymer instantly collects and absorbs fluid.
  • Premium water absorbent layer with strong liquid retention power.
  • Easy to peel off, folded-line adhesive design.
  • Breathable bottom PE layer prevents leakage of absorbed fluid.


Aarya – Regular

This product is manufactured to match to the normal flow.aarya-r

Aarya – Classic

aarya-cThis product also suitable for normal flow and as an additional benefit, wings are consisting. Therefore, the sanitary towel is more stable and more comfortable to the user.

Aarya – Silky Dry

aarya-sThis product is manufactured for heavy flow. The perforated material, which is used guarantee the higher absorbency of the pad. This product is targeting the working women who are searching for a sanitary napkin which can use more hours.