Use of natural ingredients in personal and health care products has been practiced since time immemorial, leading to increased use of herbs with a curative value. Modern research proves that herbs while being effective are also mild and soothing. In today’s world people are more vigilant and interest on their beauty and consequently drastic tendency could be observed over impatient hunting for cosmetic products.

We, Dream Life Science Pvt Ltd endavour to realize the peoples’ dream on beauty and care by offering an array of cosmetics, ayurvedic and personal care product range valuing the locality, quality and affordability across all what we do.


“To create the natural best choice for anyone looking for affordable quality cosmetics”



“By blending the wisdom of nature with the best of science, develop outstanding cosmetic products made with natural ingredients and through island wide distribution network make cosmetic products available in any part of the country; combinations of which activities offers a joyful experience of beauty for all women and men in the country within the consistent boundaries of values, culture and beliefs.



While respecting to the traditional methods, application of modern standards of analysis, formulation, safety and clinical effectiveness to create range of cosmetic produts.

To capture an additional 10% market share of the existing cosmetic market of Sri Lanka in every 3 years of operation

To create a new market equal to same size of 10% from the existing market in every 3 year speriod of time.

Increase shareholder value through growth in revenue and operating profit and the efficient use of capital

To accept the government policies of economic development and contribute to the same understanding the economic responsibilities vested on role of entrepreneurship

To create a culture in which the individuals are expected to shoulder responsibility and execute the company’s strategy.

Utilize the ability of science to enhance the best of nature into products of the highest quality that are suited for all types of skin and preference

Invest on research and development of cosmetic industry to come up with new product innovations.